Why I do what I do

It is hard to describe but recognisable to anyone; you are in a flow. Everything matches and everything comes together. You feel the energy flowing, reaching its epicentre and you feel you can take on the world. In your flow, you are successful, making a difference. This concept applies to people. It also applies to organisations.

An organisation that is in flow is successful without effort. In a winning team employees are enthusiastic and happy. In turn, enthusiastic and happy employees make for enthusiastic and happy customers. In the end it’s all people’s business.

This is why I do what I do. Helping people and brands find their flow, helping them to act from their deepest essential core and to utilise all their force in order to maximise their potential for customers, employees and society. Sincerely and authentically.

"Where attention goes, energy flows. Where energy flows, life grows."

The road to your flow

Flow arises if everything is in tune. If the undercurrent is naturally flowing into the overcurrent and vice versa, the overcurrent is visible. Name, logo, products, services, communication, employees, their behaviour, their client approach... Everything that influences the image of the organisation. Everything that should be authentic, pure and truthful. Therefore, sincerely flowing from an undercurrent.

The undercurrent is not visible, however not of lesser importance. On the contrary. It is the breeding ground in which the organisation is rooted and what gives it her direction. Who are we? What drives us and what are our qualities? What is our purpose in life? What do want to achieve together? What value do we wish to create and for whom?

In places where the undercurrent and overcurrent find and enhance each other, an authentic and meaningful brand will arise. Fully in flow. An organisation with happy people who know what they stand and work for. Who know why they were put on this earth and - for this reason - knowhow to reach their full potential. I will gladly join you on this voyage.

Target audience

I perform best in an organisational structure where change and innovation is desired, appreciated and supported. In a people-oriented, positive and colourful environment. A place, not dominated by obstructions but by possibilities. A place where genuine value creation is key.

When should you call me?

If there is a need for...

  • flow
  • answers to real questions like 'who are we?' and 'what purpose do we serve?'
  • seeking direction and creating movement
  • developing a good marketing position and a relevant, attractive proposition
  • a translation of identity, and marketing position into communication that will have impact


I love to inspire people, but also to let myself be inspired.

The Brand Gap: how to bridge the distance between business strategy and design: martyneumeier.com/the-brand-gap pic.twitter.com/fm0JVNDgmc
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A beautiful <a href=#movie from Wayne Dyer about finding your life's #purpose: 'The Shift - From Ambition To Meaning' youtu.be/A0qiFzj442U" />
A beautiful #movie from Wayne Dyer about finding your life's #purpose: 'The Shift - From Ambition To Meaning' youtu.be/A0qiFzj442U