Discover the SNAP with your fingers

Let us first determine exactly where we are and where we want to go. Subsequently, we can decide what to do and how to do it. I can help you determine this by snapping your fingers, the SNAP.


I will assist you in gaining insight into the undercurrent. Who are we and what is our purpose? What are we good at? What do we stand for (values) and what drives us? Who will notice when we are not around?


A brand is not there for itself but for customers, employees and society… What moves people and what stops them? What do they need? I will answer these questions by means of a (market) research, an open dialogue and workshops.


What are we affirming? What will we promise to whom? I will guide you in developing a sharp, relevant and distinctive proposition.


Every promise not kept is a threat for your credibility and reputation. Why would a client trust your promise? I will help determine which existing future products and services we can use to keep and explain our affirmation.

It’s the combination of the environment, the attitude and the behaviour of the employees, the products and services that make SNAP work in the overcurrent. And of course the communication should not only reach you but also move you. Campaigns, actions and means that actually instigate interaction. When implementing this communication, the customer’s journey is the starting point. And the brand is the beating heart.

A dream without knowledge, will-power, persistence and organisation is not a dream, but an illusion.”

Joris van der Waart
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