Methods & rates

I am open to take on fun, challenging and meaningful assignments that need a start and a finish. I think that it is important to know what my mission is and to know when we have succeeded in our joint endeavour. I always work towards a sustainable solution which still works in my absence.

I love to work towards a certain goal. Before we start working together, we clearly settle on the needs, the expectations and the intended results. We will constantly keep tabs on these matters during the assignment. This way, we can keep our toes on the ball.

Together, we will decide which method works best for the assignment: collaboration on an interim basis or a framed advisory assignment based on a fixed rate per hour.


  • Interim Management
  • Consultancy
  • Workshops

It is also possible to hire me on a regular basis (for example per month or quarter) as a strategic sparring partner.


  • Interim Management: 900 euro per day
  • Consultancy: 150 euro per hour
  • Workshop: from 900 euro

Prices are exclusive VAT.

I will not charge anything for a first open one-on-one.

Joris van der Waart
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