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I have almost twenty years of experience of entrepreneurship and marketing under my belt. I have worked for numerous organisations; big and small, profit and non-profit, business to business and business to consumer; in all possible fields. This has made me into an all-rounder, an adviser. However, someone who preferably supports an organisation on a temporary basis. For the reason of being a part of something bigger and I want to come to a clearly defined result in a joint effort. Fully in flow.

When am I really at the top of my game? When I can share my knowledge and when I can inspire people and organisations. Which I also do with my presentations and workshops. I love meeting people and bringing people together. Connecting people is my true strength, which has resulted in an extensive and valuable network.


It is even more important to know what kind of person someone is, rather than to know what one knows or does. I have a positive outlook on life and I also find joy in the little things. For instance, reading a book or getting in touch with nature. I like bringing positive energy to the table and I have noticed this energises other people as well. What comes around goes around.

I am creative, energetic and driven. I am social and I have a wide range of interests, although I still get surprised about things I encounter in life. I discover beautiful, pure and meaningful things all around. And I truly search for true things because I have a fundamental distaste for anything that is fake. Transparency, purity and genuity are essential to me. If you have the same values, I would love to meet you sometime.

Joris van der Waart
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