'For strategic marketing and/or communication issues, I sincerely recommend Joris as a coach, adviser or source of information. I do not easily recommend someone, but I gladly stick my neck out for Joris.'
Jos Burgers
Burgers Marketing B.V.
'Joris is an inspirer, pure, authentic, energetic and he has been a reliable person to turn to for a sparring partner for many years. And he is always cheerful! I developed and implemented the positioning of ZLM Insurances with Joris years ago. Up until today, this positioning is solid as a rock.'
Hubèr Rentmeester
ZLM Insurances
'Joris' passion and positive approach are truly infectious. Adding his knowledge and (life) experience, you know you have a true professional sitting at the table.'
Albert Kivits
Eindhoven Library
'Joris helps you translate the authentic core values which are in line with your target groups. Identity and meaningfulness are central for him. With personal enthusiasm, he is a true inspiration when he takes on his task.'
Piet Heerkens
'One needs to be able to trust his guide. I trust Joris one hundred percent both as a professional and as a human being.'
Herman Toch
Author 'Transformeren om te overleven' & 'Happy Profit'
'To me, Joris stands for a warm business relation combined with enthusiasm and the ability to connect people.'
Pieter-Jan Jongeling
'Joris is a free thinker who is able to win over the most cynical stakeholder with his extreme drive and empathy.'
Harm Daems
'It has been an absolute joy to work with Joris since the first time we met. I have never met such a considerate associate. He is an ambassador of inspirational marketing who thinks you are far more important than himself.'
Kaj Morel
Author 'Identiteitsmarketing. Waarom wij bestaan.'
'Joris listens, fascinates, analyses and inspires. He is positive and open-minded. He sees the world with an open view. Joris helps you create the best ideas.'
Janine Bos
Randstad Nederland
'Joris is a brand himself and absolutely worthy of your own brand. For Joris, sharing has been the new way of gathering knowledge for years.'
Ad Huizenga
'Joris and I are a perfect business match. We always came up with wonderful ideas in our strategic sessions!'
Frans Story
'Because of his unlimited energy, Joris is able to take you into his positive flow without any effort!'
Marieke Heesakkers
'Joris helps you climb the mountain in order to see the things further down the road.'
Paul Ladestein
''By asking provocative questions, Joris can seduce speakers and an audience to get more out of themselves.'
Romke Swinkels
Jong Management
'Joris is a coloured cocktail of authenticity, knowledge, creativity and a clear view on how to make a difference.'
Marco van der Broeck
'Joris is one of the most impassioned entrepreneurs that I know.'
Winfred de Ruijter
'Joris is perfectly able to give meaning and direction to brands on a strategic level.'
Peter-Paul Laumans
'In his role as chairman of the day, Joris was able to make the meeting an unforgettable success.'
Lars van der Hoorn
Brabants Zeeuwse Werkgeversvereniging (BZW)
'Joris enticed me to look at things from a completely other angle.'
Bert-Jan Woertman
High Tech Campus
'Joris not only knows how to get his expertise across in his presentation but he is also able to tune it down to the needs of his audience.'
Elke Schrijen
Universiteit van Tilburg
'Joris always knows how to inspire me with his knowledge and extensive work experience.'
Dennis van der Locht
Young NIMA Professionals
'He is a speaker you’d love to have back sometime!'
Sabine Arkeveld
'Joris fuels his surroundings with energy. He is likeable, passionate, competent, creative, fascinating, upright and he has a tremendous dose of humour that he uses to constantly keep people focused. His always-present-smile tops it off.'
Jac. Scholtes
Social Media Club 0495
'Joris knows how to inspire people with his humour, enthusiasm and social engagement.'
Yvonne Kruizinga-Meier
'With great enthusiasm, Joris spoke at our congress about the cutting edge of digitization and marketing. After a nice collaboration, he was well prepared to speak to the public and he enthused everyone with inspiring and practical examples.'
Daphne Hoogeveen